Little Fighter

Little Fighter 2.5

Beat'em up game focused on multiplayer action
4.3  (257 votes)
2.5 (See all)
Play with 3 other players on your PC or 7 people online and either compete against each other or choose between the stage mode, battle mode and the championship mode.

A 2D action game , Beat'em all type of game. This is a freeware game created by Stari Wong and Starky Wong. This game is very popular, for it's special effects and good fighting sequence. The game features 10 characters with 2 characters which can be unlocked by doing some actions such as transformation or fusion. This game also contain 2 more characters and other minor characters which can be unlocked by typing a code at the main menu which you will get after completing the game at Difficult level but the code is most likely no longer secret. All characters are playable by this code. Each character has it's own different attacks. This game contains many type of game play like VS mode: You can fight either computers or a friend, Story mode: To go progress through a series of levels with a boss at each end of the level. Tournament mode 1v1 or 2v2: Fight through a series of Players to progress to the top of the hill to win. Battle Mode: Like a war where you can have minor characters fight along you in a large amount of number. Demo Mode: A battle where only CPU fight, rated to be a good way of learning the game. Very Average and Classic game rated ''Give it a try at least''. This new version gives you Recording Feature,Background Music, Update feature, Survival Mode and much much more.

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